More about our youth.
Our youth have shown severe disruptive or distressed behavior in their school, the community or other settings,
sometimes due to lack of support and guidance in their homes, physical or mental abuse, or because of unhealthy life
choices.   Our purpose is to provide the highest quality therapeutic care in a healthy family setting that will offer them
access to the behavioral health services, guidance, and care they need by optimizing the strengths of the child and
those of the foster family through the development of an individualized treatment plan based on their needs.  
Placements through the Oasis Therapeutic Foster Care Network are both  short and long term as well as temporary
respite care.

Families certified by the Oasis program through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services are professionally
trained with the abilities below in mind.  Our training takes the basic attitude and supplies the tools of understanding
the disturbed child, coping with distressed behaviors, establishing a warm, nurturing home environment, working
with mental health and social service professionals, establishing short and long range goals for each child,
understanding and appreciating each child’s family ethnic and cultural background and having the patience to accept
the challenges as well as the triumphs.

We at Oasis are a team with the common goal to win the game of trust, resiliency and independence by;

  • Being empathic,
  • Communicating effectively and listening actively,
  • Changing negative behaviors,
  • Loving our children in ways that help them to feel special and appreciated,
  • Accepting our children for who they are and helping them to set realistic expectations and goals,
  • Respecting and valuing cultural diversity, becoming educated about it and embracing it as a positive experience,
  • Helping our children experience success by identifying and reinforcing their strengths and by helping children
    recognize that mistakes are experiences from which to learn,
  • Developing responsibility, compassion, and a social conscience while providing children with opportunities to
  • Teaching our children positive ways to solve problems and make decisions,
  • Disciplining in a way that promotes self-discipline and self-worth.

At Oasis we believe that the care given by our families and staff should encompasses the welfare of the whole person,
his/her emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual well being.  Therefore, each child is free to grow in his/her
own faith, unless it is one, that is destructive.  All youth will be provided with the opportunity and expectation to
attend worship or Sunday School services, and to participate in other practices and activities that will promote their
spiritual and emotional development.  Staff and foster parents will ensure that each child has the opportunity to
practice his/her respective religion.

Each family is assigned their own case worker from Oasis, as well as the mandatory county social worker that
oversees each child.  Additionally, there is a case worker from the agency on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to
handle emergencies.  Oasis staff has been trained to facilitate a program designed to provide self-leadership awareness
and skills to troubled youth.  All service fees are covered under the youth’s benefits.

                             Loving families are always needed!

Therapy, training, support, 24 hour crisis intervention and excellent compensation are provided.

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